Breedings already done


Tulle (Tulle Abelone CD WC JH) was bred to Beau (Am/Mex CH Colombo of Bonivar) in 1983 and we kept a boy from that litter, Taus (K9Data link)

Tulle was bred again in 1985 to Chianti (Dk/Int Ch Wessex Shamrock Shantey) and we kept a girl from that litter, Toy (K9Data Link)

TuppenceTuppence DutchDutch

In 2005 Tuppence (Stanroph Surfing USA CD AX AXJ) was bred to Dutch (Laburnum's Black Thorn) and produced a wonderful litter of 7 puppies, of which we kept a boy and a girl, Thomas and Trudy (K9Data link )

TrudyTrudy ScottyScotty

In 2008 Trudy ( Anbrus High Tea at Manor CD AX AXJ) was bred to Scotty ( Can CH Tashora Beam Me up) and had a singleton litter which was Teddy Bear (K9Data Link). In June 2011 I repeated this breeding and had a litter of 3 puppies of which we kept the girl, Trixy.

You can see all her puppies on Trudy's litters page.

Tarah portrait Tarah Ryder portrait Ryder

Tarah (Coppermoon Tarah of Anbrus NA) has been bred to Ryder (Ch Starz In God's Country BOSS). Puppies are expected around November 12-14, 2018. Puppy count is 7 (K9Data link)

You will eventually be able to see Tarah's litter page here.




Since we got our first Golden Retriever in 1979 we have had 5 litters, one of which was a singleton puppy. When I bred my first litter in 1983, I really didn't know what I was doing, but when we joined the local golden retriever club, GRCGLA, I started to get educated and when I did my second breeding in 1985, I did have some nicer puppies, but was far from what it really should have been.

Now I understand more about breeding and my main purpose of breeding a litter is to help improve on my dogs and in that way improve the Golden Retriever breed, the secondary reason is to breed a puppy for myself.

I will only breed my dogs that have following Health Clearances:

1. OFA Hips and Elbows

2. CERF Eye Clearances

3. Heart clearances

4. Ichthyosis

I do some other clearances too, like PRA1 & 2

I require a puppy questionnaire filled out and will put on 3 educational sessions on 3 consecutive Sundays before the puppies go home, which they will around being 8 weeks old. I require a signed contract with my puppy buyers and I always will take any dog back if it doesn't work out, for the life of the dog. I will always be there if any of my puppy owners need help or have questions etc.

Before you decide that a golden retriever is the breed for you, you do need to know more about them. First how do you like your house kept? If you don't like hair on the floors, on your clothes and in your eyes or mouth or in your food, you should not get a golden retriever. If you don't have time to take your dog for at least one walk a day or are gone for more than 8 hours you should not get a golden retriever.

If you love a pair of dark eyes looking at you, that say they love you, you should get a golden retriever. They love food, being petted and they love to work and play with you.

I normally do not place one of my puppies in families with kids younger than 4 years old. I always require a fenced yard.