Our first 5 goldens:
Tobias,Tiffany,Taus,Tulle and Toy.

All 5 old Goldens
photo by Doug Method ©

TulleTulle Abelone CD JH WC

Tulle and Tiffany were aunt and niece.  They were our very first Golden Retrievers and they taught us so much about the breed  They were the reason we got involved with The Golden Retriever Club of America, The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles, The Evergreen Golden Retriever Club and they were the reason we have so many friends all over the world. Tulle was 17 1/2 year old when we had to make the hard decision to say good bye.

TiffanyTiffany of Rosecott

Tiffany was almost 16 years old when her kidneys stopped functioning and it was time to let her go. They had a very long life, which is unusual for Goldens and I wish all of them would live that long.  Unfortunately we see quite a lot of Goldens dying from cancer at young ages, as with people, I believe we are causing these things by the way we treat the environment and the food we eat and the food we serve to our dogs. 

TausDen Danske Octavius CGC


Taus was Tulle's son, he was a very loving boy and unfortunately he had problems with his thyroid production (which you see a lot in Golden Retrievers), it resulted in having seizures, and he had to take a daily supply of Thyroid medicine, which he took for the rest of his life.  He was so loving, that when a new program at the local hospital for Pet Assisted Therapy started, he was enrolled and did a wonderful job in making some sick people feel better.  He never gained any titles in any competition but has a big place in my heart.  He was neutered when he was 15 months old and lived to his 14 year. 

The memories of our Goldens that live in our hearts.

Tobias Wessex Crackerjack
Tobias was imported from Denmark and he was a fun dog.  He never gained any titles, he was too smart for that and my patience to train him was not there,so he ended up being our couch potato and escape artist. He and Toy were related and they were always like Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, getting into trouble. He was neutered, when he was 18 months old because he had Canine Hip Dysplasia.  He did suffer from epilepsy, but lived to the ripe old age of 14.
Toy Den-Am Golden Toy CD WCX
Toy was Taus' half sister. She was as loving as Taus and was enrolled in the same program as he for Pet Assisted Therapy at Hospitals and Nursing homes.  She did get titles in the Obedience and Field competition. She was spayed, when she was  3 years old, since I didn't think, she could improve the breed if bred. She was diagnosed with lung cancer when she was 10 1/2 year old and we had to let her go.
ShadowKeane's Cappucino Royale CGC

Shadow came to us through the Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue .  He was my "shadow", everywhere I went, he went. I have never had a dog, that loved me as much, as he did and I miss him so terribly. 
We adopted him, when he was 8 years old and we had to make the hard decisionto put him peacefully to sleep in September 2002, when he was almost 13 years old.  He was the best teacher for our new puppy Tudor and they adored each other.