My Talented Friends.

Kelly Maier my Agility trainer is an artist too and I designed her website, go and look at her oil paintings, here is the link to Kelly Maier Fine Art.

Stacia White is a golden retriever friend and she makes the most wonderful collars and leashes for dogs, here is the link to Mes Amis Collars & Leashes.

Lori Langton is a friend I train dogs with, she is a marvelous artis and this is what she says on her website: "Everything created comes from the heart of NW Artist Lori Langton. If you need that specialty item, whether it be a print, clothing, jewelry, or just an accessory for you or your dog, my items are made to suit the animal lover in all of us." Here is the link to Windance Design.

Sherry Chevalier is another golden friend and she produces different products for dogs, like grooming table cover and kool coats for the dogs. Here is a link to Klasi Kreation, Kustom Design for the Cherished K9.

Another friend, Vicki Francks, is a Nose Work trainer and here is her website: Cascade Canines

I want to show this page about my friends all over the world, who I have gotten to know because of their dogs. My best friendships have happened that way.

A lot of them do other things besides training and showing their dogs, we all need to make an income and those I link to, are very talented people.