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Trudy and 2 of her pups
Trudy with Teddy Bear and Trixy in 2013
Trudy side
Trudy in 2013
Trudy sweet
Trudy headpiece

Anbrus High Tea at Manor CD AX AXJ

Birthdate: January 2, 2005 - October 19, 2018

Pedigree: K9Data

Trudy in 2013

This is my sweet sweet girl.

Trudy was the firstborn in Tuppence's litter and she was a big girl, but when she was fully grown, she wasn't that big anymore, she is 21" at the withers.

She has had 2 litters, which the first one was a singleton puppy, Teddy Bear the second litter , which had 3 puppies and the only female, Trixy, we kept. She has been a wonderful Mom and I hope, Trixy, shall turn out like her. Trudy was spayed in October 2011.

She has a wavy coat tight to her body, great dark pigmentation, medium golden coat color, she has nice side movements, is a bit long in loin and could use better front and rear angulations and more chest and bone.

She is very food driven, I actually think I have used food for training a bit too much.

She has her CD Obedience title and her AX AXJ Agility titles. We lost Trudy on October 19, 2018 to Aspiration Pneumonia.